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Massachusetts Democratic Party

Quentin is honored to have won the endorsement of the Massachusetts Democratic Party at the statewide convention in Worcester on June 2 by a margin of more than 16 points. He is deeply grateful to the massive base of volunteers that helped make this victory a reality and thanks the delegates for their support.


American Federation of Teachers-Massachusetts

With over 25,000 members, AFT Massachusetts is one of the state's largest labor unions. Quentin is deeply honored to have earned their endorsement. 

"The teachers, librarians, higher education faculty, and other educators of the AFT Massachusetts are proud to support Quentin Palfrey because he will be a strong advocate for our students and our schools. Quentin understands that our students can succeed if they are given the resources they deserve. He shares our vision for fully-funded schools and libraries, debt-free public college, and an education system that focuses on true learning, not just testing." —Beth Kontos, AFT Massachusetts President



The Massachusetts National Association of Social Workers Political Action for Candidate Election (NASW-MA PACE) is the political action arm of the NASW. As a political action committee, PACE endorses and financially contributes to candidates whose views align with the NASW Code of Ethics.

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Progressive Massachusetts

Progressive Mass is a statewide, diverse grassroots organization built from the ground up by organizers and activists from across Massachusetts. Progressive Mass works to move Massachusetts toward a future where the values of equal opportunity, social and economic justice, consumer and environmental protection, health care as a right, equal access to quality public services, respect for all residents and accountable and transparent government are given top priority.  Quentin is proud to have won the endorsement of Progressive Mass with a vote of more than 60% of its membership. 

Quentin Palfrey has a great mix of energy and experience, and would make a fantastic Lt. Gov. He is a strong organizer with the right priorities of health care and inequality.” Andrew, Progressive Mass member

“Quentin Palfrey's laser focused on the single most important issue facing Massachusetts: tackling income inequality to make a more fair society.” Bryan, Progressive Mass member

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Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts

Progressive Democrats of Massachusetts works through networking and training to promote social justice, political reform, and progressive values throughout the Commonwealth. Quentin is proud to have won the endorsement of PDM with a vote of more than 2/3 of its membership.  In endorsing Quentin, PDM noted that he "has built an impressive record of progressive leadership" and that he "has the capacity to advance our agenda of progressive reform."

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Massachusetts Senate Majority Leader Cynthia Stone Creem (D-Newton)

For over 20 years, Senator Creem has been one of the most dynamic and courageous leaders in Massachusetts. Quentin is proud to accept her endorsement, to call her a friend, and to work with her to fight for a progressive and inclusive MA.

“Having worked with Quentin on voter protection issues, I know first-hand that his capacity for leadership is second to none. Quentin has the experience and vision to make Massachusetts a leader on issues ranging from economic justice and criminal justice reform to climate change.” Senator Creem


Senator Adam Hinds (D-Pittsfield)

Senator Hinds has been a fantastic leader for Western Massachusetts, and Quentin is excited to have his support and to collaborate with him on important issues like the opioid crisis and universal broadband access. 

"I've known Quentin for a long time. We worked together in the trenches on John Kerry's campaign for president and since then I have watched him take on one serious challenge after another to stand up for working families. Quentin has the background and policy expertise that can make a difference, and that is why I am endorsing him as we head into the Massachusetts Democratic Convention." —Senator Hinds


Senator Eric Lesser (D-Longmeadow)

Since his election to the Massachusetts State Senate in 2014, Senator Lesser has been one of the hardest working elected officials in the state. Quentin is proud to accept his endorsement and honored to have been introduced by him at the Democratic Convention. 

“[Quentin] provides a very unique mix of both top level and very ambitious vision for where the Commonwealth needs to go on transportation and health care access, combined with a set of very concrete, on-the-ground experiences.” —Senator Lesser


Senator Will Brownsberger (D-Belmont)

Senator Brownsberger has been a strong progressive voice in the Massachusetts State Senate since he was elected in 2012. Quentin is pleased to accept his endorsement and work with him to help create a more progressive Massachusetts. 

“Quentin’s experience in the Obama administration and the Massachusetts Attorney General’s office demonstrates a commitment to public service and gives him the skills he will need to lead as Lieutenant Governor.” —Senator Brownsberger


Senator Anne M. Gobi (D-Spencer)

Senator Gobi has served the Worcester, Hampden, Hampshire, and Middlesex district since her election to the Massachusetts Senate in 2014. Quentin is honored to accept her endorsement. 

“Quentin has the experience and vision to lead on the critical issues facing Massachusetts from combating the opioid epidemic, creating jobs and growing our economy to investing in transportation infrastructure and keeping our communities safe and healthy.”—Senator Gobi



Senator Cindy Friedman (D-Arlington)

Senator Friedman has represented the Fourth Middlesex District in the Massachusetts Senate since 2017. Quentin is proud to have earned her endorsement. 

"I am pleased to endorse Quentin Palfrey for the Democratic nomination for Lieutenant Governor. I am impressed by Quentin’s experience fighting inequality and poverty and his passion for making sure our Massachusetts economy works for everyone. I look forward to working with him on issues ranging from raising the minimum wage to single-payer healthcare." —Senator Friedman

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Sen. Jamie Eldridge (D-Acton)

Senator Eldridge has served as State Senator for the Middlesex and Worcester district since January 2009 and is well known as a progressive leader. He has focused his energies in the Legislature on enhancing public education, stimulating the economy, promoting campaign and ethics reform, protecting the environment, improving public safety, expanding access to health care, and improving public transportation. Quentin is proud to have earned his endorsement. 


Northampton Mayor David Narkewicz

Mayor Narkewicz has been mayor of Northampton since 2011. Quentin is proud to accept his endorsement. 

“As Lieutenant Governor, I know Quentin will be a tireless advocate for Northampton and western Massachusetts  - championing job creation, environmental sustainability, regional transit, and solutions to the opioid epidemic.” Mayor Narkewicz

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Representative Jack Lewis (D-Framingham)

Rep. Lewis has been a powerful progressive voice for social justice issues on Beacon Hill. Quentin is proud to have his endorsement. 

Quentin has a great vision for the future of the Commonwealth.—Representative Lewis


Representative Dylan Fernandes (D-Falmouth)

Rep. Fernandes has been representing the Cape and Islands in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2016. Quentin is proud to accept his endorsement. 

“Quentin represents a new generation of leadership in our state stepping up to combat climate change and income inequality, and fight for a more just and equitable society. Quentin's roots on the Cape and Islands give him an understanding of the challenges we face here and he has the intellect, vision, and experience to take them on.” —Representative Fernandes



Representative Paul Tucker (D-Salem)

Since 2015, Rep. Tucker has represented Salem in the Massachusetts House of Representatives. Quentin is grateful for his endorsement. 

“I'm proud to endorse Quentin Palfrey for Lieutenant Governor.  Quentin has the credentials, the experience, and the vision to lead Massachusetts as our Lieutenant Governor. Quentin will be a bold voice for Salem, the North Shore, and the entire Commonwealth, especially as we grow our economy, keep our communities safe and healthy, and invest in our public schools.”Representative Tucker


Rep. Bill Driscoll (D-Milton)

Rep. Driscoll has represented Milton & Randolph's 7th Norfolk District in the Massachusetts State Legislature since 2017. Quentin is proud to have been endorsed by him.


Rep. Natalie Higgins (D-Leominster)

Since 2017, Rep. Higgins has been representing Leominster in Massachusetts House of Representatives. Quentin is grateful to accept her endorsement.


Rep. Russell Holmes (D-Boston)

Rep. Holmes has served the 6th Suffolk District in the Massachusetts Legislature since 2011. Quentin is proud to accept his endorsement.


Rep. Tricia Farley-Bouvier (D-Pittsfield)

Rep. Farley-Bouvier has represented the 3rd Berkshire District in the Massachusetts House of Representatives since 2011. Quentin is excited to have earned her support. 

“Quentin has the experience and vision to lead on critical issues facing the Berkshires - from transportation and economic development, to combatting the opioid epidemic and protecting our environment.” Representative Farley-Bouvier


Rep. Jonathan Hecht (D-Watertown)

Rep. Hecht has been an invaluable member of the Massachusetts Legislature for a decade. Quentin is honored to have his support. 


Former US Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke

In addition to leading the Department of Commerce from 2009 to 2011, Secretary Locke has served as the US Ambassador to China and Governor of Washington State. Quentin is proud to have received Secretary Locke's endorsement.

“I saw first-hand Quentin’s leadership skills and ‘get things done’ approach when he worked with me at the US Department of Commerce, and I am pleased to endorse him in the race for Lieutenant Governor of Massachusetts. Quentin has the vision and dedication to help Massachusetts create jobs and thrive in the 21st Century economy”—Gary Locke


Former Colorado Senator and US Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar

In addition to his four years heading the Department of the Interior, Secretary Salazar has also previously represented Colorado in the United States Senate and served as the Colorado Attorney General. Quentin is honored to have earned his endorsement.

“I saw Quentin Palfrey’s leadership skills and commitment to public service first hand when I served with him in the Obama administration and worked with him in private practice. I am pleased to endorse Quentin because I believe he has the vision to help lead Massachusetts forward.”—Ken Salazar




Former Democratic Nominee for Lieutenant Governor Steve Kerrigan

Steve Kerrigan served as chief of staff of Boston's host committee at the 2004 Democratic National Convention and as the chief of staff for President Barack Obama’s first Presidential Inaugural Committee in 2008. Quentin is proud to have his endorsement.




Massachusetts State Representative Candidate Sabrina Heisey

Sabrina Heisey is currently running for the 36th Middlesex seat in the Massachusetts House of Representatives as a Democrat. Quentin is pleased to have her endorsement.

“The first two times I met Quentin, he was meeting voters who were so excited to meet him. The smile never faded from his face, because it was a genuine love of talking to people that put it there in the first place.”—Sabrina Heisey

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Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee

The Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee is a local arm of the Democratic Party that serves several of Boston's downtown neighborhoods. On June 19, the Boston Ward 5 Democratic Committee endorsed Quentin Palfrey for Lt. Governor after an endorsement vote in which 22 of the 24 voting members supported Quentin. Quentin is honored to have the Committee's support.


Indivisible Northampton

Indivisible Northampton (Indivisible NOHO) is the Northampton chapter of the national progressive and anti-Trump grassroots movement Indivisible, the creators of the INDIVISIBLE GUIDE. Quentin is proud to have Indivisible NOHO's support and stands with them to oppose the unjust agenda of the Trump administration.


Indivisible-Acton, MA

Indivisible-Acton Area is a group of Acton area citizens affiliated with Indivisible, a national movement that supports progressive and anti-Trump policies at every level of American politics. Quentin is excited to have earned their support.

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Ashby Democratic Town Committee

Photo by John Phelan