A Vision for Massachusetts


My name is Quentin Palfrey and I’m running for Massachusetts Lieutenant Governor because we need leaders who will fight for good jobs and fair pay, work to reduce inequality and poverty, and stand up against attacks on our diverse and inclusive American values.

I am proud to call Massachusetts my home. We have some of the best schools on earth and a thriving innovation economy. From health care to marriage equality, our state leads the way on progressive policy. We care about our environment and treat each other with respect because we value each person for who they are. My wife Anna and I went to college and law school here, and we are raising our three wonderful children just a few miles from where I grew up.

There is nowhere I would rather live, but we have real challenges in Massachusetts, too:

  • Inequality is growing rapidly, and too many people are falling behind. No one who works full time should struggle to make ends meet. I want to work with city and town governments across the Commonwealth to help them make progress on the issues that affect ordinary people like transportation, housing affordability, and economic development. 

  • We have terrific schools, but there is more we can do to make sure that our students succeed. All Massachusetts children should have the opportunity to get a great education, regardless of their race or zip code. The current funding system for our state educational system is outdated, and results in unequal access to opportunities for our children. We must reform our school funding formula to better account for students with special needs, English language learners, and regional differences.

  • These are scary times in our country and it’s time to stand up and fight back. The Trump administration seeks to build walls and deport our friends and neighbors. We have seen enough to know that even “moderates” in the Republican party cannot or will not restrain Trump. We need a governor and a lieutenant governor who will join with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Ed Markey and our terrific congressional delegation to lead the resistance to Trump’s assault on our American values. This includes fighting back against cruel Republican efforts to knock tens of millions off health insurance and moving towards single-payer health care.

I have spent my life fighting for smart government and economic policies that work for everyone. I fought to make sure that our Massachusetts health care system worked for patients as Chief of the Massachusetts Attorney General’s Health Care Division during implementation of our landmark health reform law. I crafted policies to help build economic opportunity for all as Senior Advisor for Jobs & Competitiveness in President Obama’s White House Office of Science & Technology Policy. And I fought for American jobs in the U.S. Commerce Department.  

I want a Massachusetts where we can tell our children with confidence that if they work hard and treat others with respect, they can succeed and help keep the American dream alive for generations to come. I hope that you’ll help me fight to preserve and strengthen what makes this Commonwealth great.



Quentin Palfrey